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Christina Moreno 3rd Grade


At Christ the King School, we believe that education should inspire and ignite young minds, stimulate a lifelong passion for learning, and impart a solid foundation for success. Our holistic approach to education ensures a well-rounded individual, grounded in knowledge and steeped in the principles on which this great country was founded.

Our Mission Statement: Christ the King School exists as a center of learning where individuals' values are recognized and their God given talents and powers are given responsible direction. Our goals are growth in faith, excellence in education, and development of the unique potentials of each student.

For over half a century, Christ the King School has devoted itself to the nourishment and enrichment of the minds, bodies, and souls of the thousands of children entrusted to us. We have achieved this high-minded purpose through a studied program of academics and spiritual growth. Our ultimate goal is to prepare each child to realize his or her full mental potential, to enlarge his or her spiritual life, and to increase his or her capacity for mutual and self-respect.

Christ the King develops the whole child. Sending your child here is the best investment you could make in his or her future.

Excerpt from a Parent Letter

We give our students the tools of intellectual inquiry and self-expression. We show them how to interact with fellow students, as well as how to act with respect and love for their fellow human beings. We guide them in distinguishing right from wrong, reinforce the importance of doing what is right, and show them how hard work and moral values strengthen us as we pursue the promise of freedom, and joy of educational excellence. Christ the King students not only build a system of values for themselves, they also become examples to others.

Students are taught to serve your neighbors, as well as the greater community in which we live. We ask that Christ the King families, alumni, and friends join us in this noble calling.

School Calendar

October 21 to October 29
Book Fair
October 25
SAC Meeting 7:00PM to 8:00PM
October 28
Pride Wear Day
Breakfast with Books/Donuts with Dads 7:30AM to 8:30AM
Trunk-or-Treat 6-8pm 6:00PM

Hot Lunch Menu

Tuesday, October 25
Baked Potato Bar & Cookie Day, Pepperoni Pizza, or Chef Salad
Wednesday, October 26
Popcorn Chicken & Smile Fries, Cheese Pizza, or Pepperoni Salad
Thursday, October 27
Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice Bowl, Pepperoni Pizza, or Chef Salad
Friday, October 28
Hamburger, or Pepperoni Salad
Monday, October 31
Cheese Zombie, Tomato Soup and Graveyards
Lunch Prices
Kindergarten to Third$3.00  
Fourth to Eighth$3.25  
Milk Cards$5.00