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Friday August 26, 2016

Why We Love Our School

I am thankful for 6th grade teachers who do an amazing job of reaching out to all their kids, and offering them support and encouragement
Christ the King Parent
Calla Crowley and volunteers in the reading program work one-on-one with struggling readers, helping them feel confident and successful.
Christ the King Parent
I am thankful for the speech, religion, and patriotism requirements starting from the beginning of the children’s school experience, which gives them an edge in life, and makes them a better person
Christ the King Parent
The teachers are amazing, the aides are amazing, and the food is amazing. I can't find anything un-amazing about CK.
Christ the King Student
I love my teacher so much. She’s pretty, she’s super nice, she’s fair, she teaches us so much, she loves God, she loves me, and everyone. I’m so lucky.
Christ the King Student
Thank you to the teachers and staff for your tireless inspiration, devotion and commitment to my children.
Christ the King Parent
I am continually impressed with not only the effort and dedication placed on my child's education, but on my child herself.
Christ the King Parent
You are teaching her lessons in the classroom as well as in life that will last indefinitely.
Christ the King Parent
You have encouraged curiosity and motivation in my daughter while making her feel at home in her first year at CK.
Christ the King Parent
The sign language skills that are being taught can be used throughout the world as the universal language.
Christ the King Parent
The special projects (created by the children inspired by the teachers) for the parents are the best treasures a parent could ever get.
Christ the King Parent
I like Christ the King School because whenever someone needs a helping hand, a person is always there to share one.
Christ the King Student
I’m thankful for my teacher because she teaches me new things like sewing, reading, writing, and counting.
Christ the King Student
I’m thankful because all of the teachers are so nice, care so much, and teach me so much.
Christ the King Student
Thank you for teaching the principles and values of our Catholic faith. Thank you for giving our children the opportunity to pray in the classroom, guiding and encouraging them as we do at home to live their faith every moment of every day.
Christ the King Parent
My child has REALLY FLOURISHED in Mrs. Buchanan's Montessori program, I can't thank her enough!
Christ the King Parent
Thank you for the love that goes into your teaching. All of the specials offered enhance my children.
Christ the King Parent
The requirement for productions is very special, so it’s cool to participate in drama, so you may find a new love. The learning that goes with the productions is outstanding.
Christ the King Parent

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Christ the King News and Notes

First Day of School is August 29th!
Welcome Back!
School Supply Drop Off August 25th 5-7pm
Visit your student's classroom and drop off their school supplies, then stick around and catch up with old friends, or make new ones, in the school cafeteria.

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School Calendar

August 29
First Day of School!
Back to School Coffee 8:15AM to 9:15AM
August 30
Back to School Coffee 8:15AM to 9:15AM
August 31
PTO Kindergarten Play Day @ the Park

Hot Lunch Menu

Monday, August 29
Hot Dogs and Smile Fries Rice Kripy Treats
Tuesday, August 30
Pepperoni Pizza
Wednesday, August 31
Popcorn Chicken and Smile Fries
Thursday, September 1
Mac & Cheese
Friday, September 2
11:30 Dismissal No Lunch
Lunch Prices
Kindergarten to Third$3.00  
Fourth to Eighth$3.25  
Milk Cards$5.00