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Why Choose Christ the King Catholic School For Your Family?

Christ the King School exists as a center of learning where individuals' values are recognized and their God given talents and powers are given responsible direction. Our goals are growth in faith, excellence in education, and development of the unique potentials of each student.

  • The average class size at Christ the King School is 20 students per classroom

  • In the last four years, 95% of students who graduated from CK achieved Honor Roll status in high school

  • CK is a STEAM school (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

  • Older students serve as buddies to younger students

  • All faiths are welcome.

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What our parents and students are saying
about Christ the King School.

We transferred my son from public school to Christ the King five years ago, and have never regretted our decision. Our daughter, an independent spirit, benefited from the leadership skills she learned in the Montessori Pre-K program. Christ the King is so much more than the building where my children learn math, reading and science. The community is an extension of our family. The teachers and staff from our dedicated Principal and Dean of Students to our kitchen staff, secretaries and custodians are partners in raising our children in a loving environment with Catholic values. Our children actually thank us for sending them to CK! They love the traditions from Blessing of the Animals to having their “Little buddies” from other grades that they guide during church. As a parent we love that we are welcome in the classrooms, the rigorous (but balanced) academic standards and that our children are able to grow not only in knowledge but in their faith.

Jennifer and Jeffrey Lux

Parents of a 6th and 2nd grader

We made the decision to send our girls to CK when McKenzie was a kindergartner, she is now in her final year as an 8th grader. The culture and focus on faith and family have been a true blessing.  There is no scenario in which we would not have our 3 girls at Christ the King, it is an amazing school.

Mark Manthei


We believe Christ the King provides an unbelievable opportunity for children to receive a strong education and cultivate a solid faith.  This opportunity will create the foundation for success and a fulfilling life.   We also know that Christ the King School not only teaches, but exhibits how to serve others, and so importantly in life, demonstrates compassion and morals.  What we love about CK is, it is more than just an education, the teachers and staff create an amazing culture of support and challenge for the kids; we feel that encompasses the important pillars in life which we want instilled in our kids.

Forrest & Kahryn Alexander

Christ the King has become part of the foundation to our family in both faith and academics.  The entire administration and the families that surround our children provide an overall sense of community. They are teaching our children to be their best self, building their confidence, strengthening them academically while growing their Catholic faith.   Being a part of CK means being a part of a family, and with them all things are possible.

Angie and Delton Bonds

Christ the King School is an excellent choice for educating our three sons. Caring students, families, teachers, and staff are the heart of the school. Our children are being challenged spiritually and academically through its holistic approach to student learning. Our boys learn faith based values, pray together, and provide service to our community. In today’s world where these core values are being challenged, this is extremely important to our family. CK is a community where our boys’ faith is nourished and surrounded by examples, not just spoken in words, but demonstrated through actions. Our boys have developed lifelong friendships and are extremely proud to be members of the Christ the King family.

David & Jen Jordan


Latest News

Keep up-to-date on the latest activities and events happening at Christ the King School!

Catholic Schools Week 2019

Always beginning on the last Sunday in January, this year’s National Catholic Schools Week is January 27-February 2, 2019. National Catholic Schools Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed.” Christ the King School students will start the week with a…

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CK Students Serve Neighborhood Families

All students at Christ the King have the opportunity to serve their local community.  On November 29th, 6th grade students came to school with rakes, scoops, and an abundance of large lawn bags. These Crusaders served our neighborhood families by raking and bagging the leaves that often cover entire lawns every fall.

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Girls on the Run: 5K

Coached by parents and teachers, Christ the King’s Girls on the Run (GOTR) completed their 5K run in November.  GOTR is an inspirational program for girls 8-13 that creatively combines running with lessons in health, wellness, responsibility, and intentional decision making.  Through this program, girls are empowered to make healthy life choices that nurtures their…

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How a Catholic Education Differs

A Catholic education not only provides an excellent education in academics, but it is aimed at the formation of an ethical and social awareness.  All curriculum and instruction in a Catholic school fosters the desire to seek wisdom and truth, the preference for social justice, the discipline to become self-learners, the capacity to recognize ethical…

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A Place for Prayer

At Christ the King School, prayer takes the lead in students’ spiritual development. Each school day begins and ends with a prayer. Students also participate in weekly Mass and pray the Rosary once a month. Daily prayer promotes a personal relationship with God and cultivates a community of faith among students and staff.

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Christ the King: Leaders in Science Education

Christ the King School has a long history of being ahead of the curve when it comes to science education. For over 50 years, CK teachers have been the recipients of grants specifically geared toward science education.  Today, teachers from grades 1 through 8, are actively involved in the STEM Collaborative and the LASER Alliance…

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All Saints Day

At Christ the King School, we help students connect their Catholic Identity to what they’re learning in science, math, history, and language arts. One way we do this is to provide students with models of grace, to not only learnabout, but from the saints. On November 1st, Christ the King students engaged in a school-wide…

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The Sausage Fest

The Sausage Fest is the third largest event in the Tri-Cities! But it is more than a community event, school fundraiser, or 40 year tradition. Long months of planning meetings, weeks of preparations, and 40 hours of non-stop activity, the Sausage Fest is a beautiful reminder of how we serve as witnesses for our children…

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