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All Saints Day

At Christ the King School, we help students connect their Catholic Identity to what they’re learning in science, math, history, and language arts. One way we do this is to provide students with models of grace, to not only learnabout, but from the saints. On November 1st, Christ the King students engaged in a school-wide All Saints Day celebration–even in Kindergarten.  Some of the activities included traveling reader’s theatre performances, retelling the lives of saints through “saints in the hall”, a variety of artistic representations, saint bingo and other games that connected learning about the saints to practicing academic skills.

In Kindergarten, students learned about St. Martin of Tours, a friend of the poor whose holiness brought light to a darkened world.  With paper, yarn, and glow sticks, CK Kindergartners created lanterns and paraded through the darkened school halls.  Beyond the eye-hand coordination entailed in the craft, this lesson combined history, the use of symbolism, and faith formation.  What a beautiful example of how Christ the King School provides a balanced academic curriculum that integrates faith, culture, and life—even in Kindergarten!

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