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Now Enrolling Kindergarten-8th Grade and Montessori Preschool

Religious Education

We believe that Christ is the center of our school environment

Christ the King School Richland, WA
Religious Education

Early Childhood

Early childhood religious education emphasizes awareness that God is our Father and Creator, who knows us and loves us always and God has called us by name and we belong to Him. The children are introduced to stories from the Bible, participate in various forms of worship to honor and praise God, become aware that they are members of Christ the King Catholic Church, and become familiar with the symbols, signs and traditional prayers of the church.

Christ the King School Richland, WA
Religious Education

Grades 2 though 5

Between 2nd and 5th grade, children build on what was learned in the previous grade. Second graders learn the Mass and prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Third graders learn what it means to be a Catholic Christian and who and what makes up the Catholic Church. Fourth graders are taught the meaning of conscience and the Ten Commandments, the corporal and spiritual works of mercy and the Beatitudes. Fifth graders grow in understanding of the Supreme Sacrament of Jesus revealing God to us and that the church is the Sacrament of Jesus. They study the seven Sacraments of the Church, the liturgical year and the Creed.

Christ the King School Richland, WA
Religious Education

Middle School

Middle school religious education classes have a specific curriculum for each grade level, designed to build, foster and deepen our students' individual relationship with Jesus Christ, their Catholic faith, family and our Catholic community.

In addition to our traditional curriculum, we meet a few times per year as an entire middle school group with students in Wednesday night religious education, and spend a "youth group-style" hour together in the CK gym. This hour, otherwise referred to as MSMFN (Middle School Mandatory Fun Nights) is planned and implemented by a group of high school students. This is an opportunity for faith sharing and having fun in a large group setting. The events help us attain our goal of building relationships within our parish between our CK school students and our religious education students.

Middle School Youth Group

The Christ the King Middle School Youth Group (MSYG) provides fun-filled activities for all youth in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades, regardless of their church affiliation. All attendees are encouraged to bring a friend to participate in activities such as game nights, holiday parties, service projects, skate nights and bowling nights. All events are held on the first Friday of every month in the Youth Center from 6pm-8pm and are chaperoned by a group of dedicated adult volunteers. 

Contact: Melissa Montenegro, Middle School Religious Education Director for Christ the King Parish at (509) 946-1675.

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