Food Services in the CK Cafeteria

Lunch Program

Hot lunch is provided each day. The monthly menu is included with the Weekly Bulletin and posted on RenWeb. Payments for lunch should be made by check/money order, made out to "CK Cafeteria" and delivered to the office. No money is collected in the lunch line. Accounts are set up by family and are tracked by computer. Delinquent notices will be sent via email when an account carries a negative balance. Students may bring a cold lunch from home. Milk is on sale daily in the cafeteria. Christ the King participates in the Federally-Funded School Lunch Program. Reduced price and free lunch are available if a family meets requirements.

Lunch Prices*

Kindergarten through Third: $3.00

Fourth through Eighth: $3.25

Adults: $4.50

Milk Cards: $5.00

Milk: 50¢ each

*subject to change due to cost of fuel and grain increase

Food Allergies

If your child has food allergies, accommodations can be made for them in regard to hot lunches. A pamphlet with information regarding hot lunch ingredients is available through the Health Room. If you child will be requiring a substitution (i.e. juice instead of milk, or a milk substitution), please let the cafeteria know. This is most easily accomplished by writing your child's name and class on the top of a monthly menu, and then indicating which days your child will be eating hot lunch. The office staff will forward this information to the cafeteria staff. In order for substitutions to be made, a "Diet Order for Meals at School" must be on file. This form can be obtained through the Health Room. Please be aware that if an allergen is listed, all foods containing that allergen must be substituted (for example, if a milk allergy is listed, then ice cream will be restricted, in addition to regular milk.)