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Christ the King School Richland, WA

Annual Bridge Appeal

The funds raised through the appeal help us to “Bridge the Gap” between what we take in through tuition, our generous parish subsidy, our special events and our operating expenses. Tuition only accounts for 63% of our budget. The remainder comes from the revenue sources highlighted above. A successful appeal also allows for us to set aside money to fund other initiatives such as technology enhancement, security improvements, repairing and improving our aging facilities, and funding our endowment that helps provide scholarships so that all children have the opportunity for a Catholic education.

Christ the King School Richland, WA

Christ the King School Auction

Over 400 people attended our auction in 2016 and raised over $130,000 to benefit our school. Proceeds from last year's auction helped pay for keeping technology current and erected a 6' security fence around part of our campus perimeter. If you would like more information, click on the button below.

Christ the King School Richland, WA


Donations may be made through one of our fundraising events, such as the Annual Bridge Appeal or our Annual Auction. Other donations may be made directly to the scholarship fund, or a program such as Reading Intervention or Engineering in Education.

Christ the King School Richland, WA

Sausage Fest

Sausage Fest is the primary fundraising event for Christ the King School and has been an annual community event since 1976! With 25,000-30,000 people attending, it is also the Tri-Cities' third largest event. In fact, Sausage Fest provides our school with 10% of its operating budget. It builds community, helps keep our school affordable, and generates a lot of family fun for the best entertainment.

Christ the King School Richland, WA

SCRIP Fundraiser

SCRIP is the ONLY Fundraiser at Christ the King School that does not cost you any money! With scrip, you spend money for gift cards to stores you are ALREADY planning on shopping at. This is an example of how easily we can work together to raise money for our school. All money raised by CK Checks/Scrip this school year helps to offset tuition costs. Can you help by purchasing gift cards for your regular shopping? Order forms are attached and we are adding new merchants regularly to meet your shopping needs!